Signature’s Value-Based Care Solutions

  • Complete suite of services needed to succeed in episodic management
  • Implemented the most successful orthopedic Medicare bundled payment program with physician group practices in Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) initiative
  • Transition and implement Medicare bundled payment structure to commercial bundled payments
  • Experience consulting state and physician group specific commercial and employer-based bundled payment contracts
  • CareMOSAIC: Data Analytics and Care Management Platform
    • Chosen commercial bundle value-based care solution by 14 physician group practices in various states
    • 20 commercial bundled payment contracts
    • 2 CJR bundled payment contracts
    • 1 outpatient bundled payment contract
    • Customizable for specific clinical and quality components

Commercial Bundles: Considerations

1)Market Analysis

2)Physician Group Board of Directors Interest and Ability

3)Payer Interest and Ability

4)Clinical Episode Opportunities

  • Total hips
  • Total knees
  • Spine

5)Preferred Providers

Strategic Pathway: Commercial Bundles

Based on historical claims, Signature has experience and can provide:

  • Patient eligibility criteria
  • Bundled payment components and scope
  • Pricing
  • Contract with downstream providers

ROI with commercial inpatient and outpatient bundles could be substantial

  • Example of current contracts: savings of up to $7,000+ per case
  • Control cost
  • Increase market share
  • Increase patient population in value-based care
  • Additional contract opportunities
    • Employer
    • ASC