Fee-for-service health care plans lead to unnecessary costs and a lower standard of quality of care—Signature Care Management’s bundled payment program will help you avoid both!

Bundled Payments for Care Improvement: Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) include four specific models of care, connecting individual services within an episode of care into one, cohesive payment plan. BPCI plans offer improved accountability and encourage high-performance; Signature Care Management offers clarity, peace of mind, and a clear-cut goal to work towards. Minimize discrepancies and eradicate unnecessary services by adhering to a specific health plan specifically designed to bring affordable, high-quality care to your patients and savings to your staff.

CareMOSAIC: Signature Care Management provides services for BPCI Model 2 for acute and post-acute care. Model 1 participants and post-acute care providers are eligible for services including inpatient hospital and physician services, as well as related post-acute care and readmissions. We incentivize efficient, quality service that meets our time and financial parameters. Signature Care Management works with you to establish a supportive, comprehensive network of resources, including our cutting-edge CareMOSAIC software designed to track data for real-time analysis.


Standardized protocols, improved clinical outcomes, and reduced cost of services.

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Maternity Care Model

Address care coordination for those in need.

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