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CareMOSAIC is the First Episode Care Management Platform to Directly Link to AAOE’s Data Warehouse

“Teaming up with AAOE to bring CareMOSAIC into the Data Warehouse is a win, win, win,” said┬áMike Medler, Senior Director of Technology and Analytics at Signature, “Orthopedic providers have streamlined access for submitting to a national qualified data registry, physicians and practice executives have immediate and real-time access to data critical to making quality improvements in the care management practices, and through improved care decisions and design, patients receive higher quality care and outcomes.”

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Dynamics of Physician Engagement

Increasingly in recent years, providers and payers throughout the nation have been exercising value-based care principles through initiatives such as the Bundled Payment Care Initiative (BPCI).

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Physician Group Practices: Succeeding in Bundled Payments

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