Strategic Planning

Signature Care Management is always working toward a better future, for you and the patients you care for. Let us guide and support your team to achieve optimal results, together.

Full-Service Program Management

Specializing in full-service program management, Signature Care Management offers Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) development to revitalize and streamline your episode of care payment process. With a strong emphasis on provider relations and consistent communication, our episode care management will guide you every step of the way to improve patient relations in a cost-effective, efficient manner. Our CareMOSAIC software is specifically designed to simplify and improve how you handle patient care in a user-friendly, comprehensive fashion. Everyone from hospital administrators to patients run into obstacles and complications with fee-for-service health care plans. We want to rid you of unnecessary costs so that you can provide quality care for your patients. Our bundled payment plan improves patient outcomes and delivers superior results for your financial health.

Signature Care Management consistently utilizes community resources such as beneficiary incentive waivers to ensure that we make the most out of your surroundings, offering citizens of your community health care solutions that fit seamlessly with your facility’s standard episode care protocol. Broadening your network by aiding physicians and healthcare providers alike, Signature Medical Care offers cost-refining tools to maximize your resources and streamline your process.


With a hands-on approach to implementation, Signature Care Management ensures that you have experienced consultation every step of the way. Developing the bundled payment process with our clients enables a structured, open communication so that no stone is left unturned. Our staffing process is an exercise in collaboration—we assist with hiring case management and financial analyst experts to implement your program so that you can be sure that your bundled payment development is in sure hands. Our staff training program eases the implementation efficiency, fostering a smooth transition so that everyone, from the doctors to the patients, is informed and well-versed in how the episode of care will proceed.

Specializing in Model 2 BPCI for Acute and Post-Acute Care, Signature Care Management offers a wealth of options specifically designed to make IRF, SNF, HHA, and OPT more cost-efficient and productive for patient care. Backed by meticulously-collected data and refined by our experts, our bundled payment programs offer a focused, efficient method of payment aimed to reduce unnecessary costs while maintaining excellent standards of patient care.