Care Coordination

Signature Care Management strongly believes in supporting your facility when it comes to implementation to ease the transition and work towards higher quality care.

Episode Case Management

Fee-for-service health care systems can lead to confusion, payment discrepancies, and inefficient care. Signature Care Management’s superior Episode Case Management protocol lends itself to cohesive service that rids your service of avoidable roadblocks and preventable issues. We preach consistent communication; our telephonic case management services enable all parties to remain on the same page and build towards streamlined health care.

Signature Care Management supports your facility every step of the way to aid you in making informed, cost-effective decisions—our risk assessment evaluation before major operations can prevent unnecessary stumbles and help you navigate through murkier waters. We work with providers to ensure the best possible outcome, and to keep you in the loop so that we can help you achieve our shared goal of top-quality care for patients.


Our user-friendly CareMOSAIC software program is implemented to provide a user-friendly solution to tracking patients and overall program progress. Streamlining workflow from initial installation, CareMOSAIC is a cutting-edge case management tool specifically engineered to improve your chances of providing first-rate, cost-effective care for all of your patients. Working in unison with our telephonic case management, we provide a network for your administrators and physicians to reference to always evolve and adjust to a specific episode of care. We provide pre-operative, intra-operative, post-discharge, patient-centered, evidence-based best practices, leaving no stone unturned and no solution out of reach.