Analytics & Reporting

The number one way to prevent pitfalls is to see them coming— CareMOSAIC software provides real-time data, preparing you for a greater future.


When it comes to implementing our bundled payment program, Signature Care Management’s CareMOSAIC software is the most efficient way to streamline our program’s integration for optimal results. Data analysis is a crucial factor in remaining aware and cognizant of potential issues and unfamiliar trends to update and refine your method of care for a medical care episode. With real-time data analysis, CareMOSAIC enables you to adjust for any unforeseen obstacles and remain on course for cost-efficient, quality care for your patients.


Our extensive reporting tool will enable you to streamline every piece of your payment structure for easy to understand, comprehensive payments. Easily monitor multiple aspects of our CareMOSAIC software focusing on what is most important to your business at that moment, in real-time. See everything CareMOSAIC.