Case Management

Facilitate communication between physicians and care coordinators for improved healthcare for your patients.

Full Case Management

To assist case managers, Signature Care Management developed CareMOSAIC, a case management software tool that facilitates communication between the orthopedic surgeon, patients, acute-care hospital, primary care physicians, specialists, post-acute providers, and community resources. This tool was built based on process improvement feedback regarding effective patient management throughout an episode of care. Effective and user-friendly, CareMOSAIC facilitates continuous improvements in case manager recommendations. Many orthopedic physician practices have elected to use CareMOSAIC because our superior software and the benefits they receive in streamlining their workflow.

CareMOSAIC is an innovative IT tool that includes features to improve communication and facilitate cost reductions through real-time episode management all while maintaining HIPAA compliance. CareMOSAIC improves communication among the entire health care team. Physicians are notified when post-acute patient care begins to stray off plan, when a patient requires additional case management, or when a post-acute care stay is extended longer than prescribed.


Our tool facilitates documentation of risk assessments, care transition assessments, simplifies dissemination of results to appropriate providers, and flags potential areas of concern that could lead to adverse outcomes. CareMOSAIC use can promote reduced duplication of services and effective management of healthcare costs.

Case managers can use CareMOSAIC at a single location to track patient care plans, manage transitional care needs, and keep track of follow-up care needs throughout an episode. The tool leverages technology to collect data that allows for real-time reporting and dashboards, to assist case managers in daily activities and identification of patients who may need enhanced care coordination. Also, the technology is flexible to allow care pathways to be fully documented and reported, thus providing insight into real-world scenarios such as identifying when patients veer off the established care pathway. READ OUR CASE STUDY