CMS Claims Analytics

Signature Care Management’s award-winning software platform is proven to help you achieve the results you’ve always been working toward. Our cutting-edge CareMOSAIC software won’t let you down.

Award-Winning Software

Signature Care Management’s award-winning software provides a platform for your staff to analyze real-time analytics to maintain a superior standard of care. With full reporting capabilities and interactive, user-friendly navigation, our software can aid your facility in tracking valuable data for analysis. No two episodes of care are exactly identical—utilizing our program, you’ll be able to adjust in real time to potential obstacles and continually provide top-quality care for your patients.

Unique Dashboards

With individual dashboards available for physicians, group trends, re-admissions, the financial performance by a physician, and PAC facility analysis, you’ll be able to maintain excellent standards of performance and accountability effectively. Collaborate with your co-workers to deliver outstanding results, and unify your method of care by using Signature Care Management’s software. Streamlining your goals for maximizing patient outcomes has never been easier. READ OUR CASE STUDY